Amalfi vinyl

A luxury German made vinyl. Comes in a wide a range of colours to suite every need.
Perfect for the Automotive and Marine market. This is hard wearing vinyl with a luxury soft finish.

Combining mildew & UV resistance, this vinyl is great for most upholstery uses.

Properties are:

thickness: 1,1 mm
weight: 650 g/m²
coating: PVC
textile: polyester jersey
width of roll: 140 cm
length of roll: 25 m
typical leather look, soft, flexible, scratch-proof, UV-resistant, high durable, dirt resistant

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biocompatible acc. to DIN EN ISO 10993-5 + 10
highly flame retardant acc. to DIN 4102 (B2)
flame-retardant acc. to DIN EN 1021-1+2
flame-retardant acc. to DIN 75200 / FMVSS 302
flame-retardant acc. to NFP 92-503 (M2)
flame-retardant acc. to UNI 9175
flame-retardant acc. to ÖNORM B 3825 (group 1)
flame-retardant acc. to ÖNORM A 3800 (part 1)
flame-retardant acc. to UIC-564-2-VE appendix 5 Classification B
flame-retardant acc. to FAR25/853
IMO FTPC Annex 1, Part 8
MED council directive 2014/90/EU (Marine Equipment Directive)
U.S. Coast Guard Nr. 164.144
saltwater-resistant, resistance to chlorinated water
disinfectant resistant*
free of: AZO**, PCP, Cd, Pb, Sb, Cr(VI), Ni, As, Hg
* list of tested disinfectants on request
** no use of prohibited or listed azo dyes

Amalfi Colour

Titan, Baltic, Cobalt, Atlantic, Aqua, Bottle, Scarlet, Cherry, Port, Chestnut, Rich Brown, Mocca, Jet Black, Anthracite, Chrome, Smoke, Saffron, Tan, Cashmere, Beige, Linen, Sisal, Pearl, White