The Nautolex maritime vinyl range features a high performance PreFixx coating. This proprietary coating provides outstanding cleanability and abrasion resistance that help to reduce costs associated with maintenance and reupholstering.

MBS supplies an exclusive range of quality marine and transport vinyls for boat lining and cockpit seating.
Please see the galleries to view our range of colours and contact us for further information.

EX-100 Range Expanded Vinly Lining 135/7 cm wide  rolls -25M
Marine quality Expanded Vinyl for Boat Lining and Panelling – also comes foam laminated

EX-300 Range expanded vinyl 135/7 cm wide  rolls -25M
Marine Quality Expanded Vinyl for Cockpit Seating and boat lining

Amalfi expanded vinyl seating 137cm wide rolls -30M
Expanded vinyl with polyester – jersey base cloth

Milan marine vinyl seating 137cm wide rolls -30M
Modern Canvas look Exterior Vinyl

Marine and Automotive Vinyls